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♠️What is the Magic Bar?♠️

There is some Magic bar in all around Japan.Probably only Japan which has so many Magic bar.
Magic bar is the place you can have beer,cocktail,sake while enjoying the special close up magic show right in front of you.
I know that if you go to Las Vegas or any other country,you can watch the grand magic show.
But, you can feel some coins or cards or any stuff disappear or appear in your hands at magic bar.You can experience all the magic really close.
We use not only classic playing cards and coins, but also fruits and drinks, iPhones and things borrowed from customers.
We have only 8 counter seats because we hope all our castomers can feel the magic really close.So,please make a reservation before you come.


price : ¥4,500
There is cover charge of 4,500yen for per guest.
Tax is excluded in the price.Tax(10%)Service fee(10%)

Drink : 1000~

*pricing example
If you are 2 people and drink one for each,all inclusive price is 13,300yen.
(charge×2=9,000yen, drink×2=2,000yen tax=1,100yen,service=1,200yen total=13,300yen)

Show time:We have three showtimes.
① 19:30~
② 21:30~
③ 23:30~

We also have a special plan for birthday people!!

At the end of magic show,make a birthday cake appear with magic.It costs an extra 4,000 yen for 1group.If you’d like this plan,please let us know when you make your reservation.

In recent years, foreign tourists have become a common sight across Japan.

I wonder where they are having a good time in Japan.
If you can’t decide where to go in Japan at night,please come here.I promise you’ll have an unforgettable night with surprise and exicitement!!

*If you let us know you saw this blog,we’ll give you first cocktail for free!!


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